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Ben Celvetiyyem
Mehmet Emin Ay - Ben Celvetiyyem
: Ben Celvetiyyem
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20-09-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 45 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Mehmet Emin Ay - Ben Celvetiyyem )
  1. Mohammed Ahmad

    Basically he told brush your teeth and go to the bed after this fight !

  2. TboneNYC10

    That's my Heavyweight 💣

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  4. Anthony Nellon

    Nononononono fuck!

  5. Kyle Scott

    The camera man got scared and jolted when deontay screamed into it😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. christopher ceron

    "Credit to breazeale for having the character to throw with wilder "😂😭

  7. Ericec4126

    He scared the shit outta that camera man.

  8. Kymeg Austin

    He got up at the same time Tyson fury did in his fight tho lol

  9. Knuckle Head Studio

    He do NOT WON'T a rematch

  10. big D

    Wilder made brezeale feel like a lil bitch😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  11. Eric Cooper

    I have been watching boxing for over 40 years and I have never seen a boxer. In any error hit a person with one shot that was as devastating as that one! And I challenge anybody to go in the history books and find one and I'm not talking about combination of punches I'm talking one-punch devastation!

  12. Demo Dennard Uplifting

    thaaaaaaaat maaaaaaaaaan ain't playing

  13. Dakota Edwards

    Hes up tho wheres the 15 sec count for this one he was still there what yall talk bout

  14. thaking583

    But y'all still think Wilder was ducking Joshua...... Smh

  15. Humberto

    Gotta love that neanderthal.

  16. Tyu Reduce

    They camera crew low key got scared when he screamed👀

  17. Michael Hawkins

    Does Dominic has a job after this fight?

  18. Michael Hawkins

    Never disrespect a Man's family

  19. J bouie

    All you boxing fanatics have no idea what the hell you are talking about. There hasnt been one fighter deontay has fought was able to get away from wilders right hand and entire fight. Joshua has no chin and will not go the entire fight without feeling that power of deontay which is by far the hardest puncher since tyson. Joshua is entirely too slow to avoid that right hand the whole fight. Joshua will; i repeat joshua will be sleep by round 7 mark my words.

  20. Suleman Khalifa

    And they say AJ could take his hits.....

  21. To Pi

    The announcer made it so much worst...

  22. Beautiful Life

    Brezeale couldn't of caught a better Fade at the Barbershop

  23. Antonio Bonilla

    This nigga sends peoples heads off like a bat to a baseball

  24. Mulerider

    Now that's boxing!

  25. DUB __

    Imagine Joshua’s weak ass chin taking one of those...definitely night night

  26. Ace Rothstein

    Nigga is bad.

  27. Gyl Bonus

    That poor camera guy got shook

  28. Carl Trevino

    Dominick breazle is a fucking bum

  29. Eltoria Bilbrew

    Wilder hit him so hard Thanos was reborn

  30. Jordan Wheat

    You hit like a bitch deontay lol ha haaaaaaa im just kidding i love you dont hurt me😫

  31. Christopher Kim

    If lebron was a boxer, What would happen?

  32. Claudy Francois

    That's how they going to ko aj

  33. DaSkarekrow

    No joke, I would get full coverage on life insurance if I was in the ring with Deontay Wilder ... just kidding, i would never get in the ring with him, you fkn crazy!?!??!?

    Ritz Kola

    DaSkarekrow lol I would for the millions. Gotta risk it

  34. Phyoomz

    Patrice Oneal voice: gad dyaaammmm :-( :-( lmao

  35. Brian Valero

    He hit him so hard the ring changed like mortal combat

  36. Rex Davis

    Wilder will end fat boy andy ruiz real quick

  37. Stephen A

    Dude it kind of makes you respect Tyson Fury more hey?

  38. Head Busta

    Iconic 💣

  39. Alfredo Delgadillo

    at 0.40 when he screams into the camera the cameraguy got so scared lol.

  40. Jonathan Mendelsohn

    RSPV ... JOSHUA .. RUIZ ... ORTIZ ... FURY .. WHYTE ... EVERYONE ELSE. Deontay Rules !!!

  41. j s

    That punch took 3 years off of a career. brain damage. yeeikes...

  42. Just Coaast

    god damn my teeth hurt from just the sound alone of that punch

  43. Romain Anderson

    He hit him so hard that he hit him hard

  44. Dewayne Adams

    Brazil better stick to UFC and shooting up scared residents in ya country.

  45. Mr Rich

    Wilder hit him so hard they felt it in Brazil 🇧🇷LOL

  46. Atlas Latest

    Ruiz vs Wilder?

  47. Steven Garnham

    Ruiz is next!

  48. less kiss

    Wilder with them dynamite hands.

  49. jose bueno

    The way to beat wilder is to smuther his punches he sits on his back right foot which mean his left has no power so time your way in with short hooks and uppercuts

    Terry Price

    I swear I remember Wilder either breaking his right hand or tearing his right bicep in one fight, so he knocked out his opponent with his left. So, I'm not entirely sure about that.

    Ritz Kola

    jose bueno Wilder has power in both hands lol.

  50. terrence samps



    Coddle? He fought Klitschko lol.

    terrence samps

    @lasoogneypubes what I mean bycoddling is the culture of boxing in the UK. Y'all stop fights early,

    Still I Rise4485

    @lasoogneypubes Klitch was old as shit tho

  51. SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0

    He did get up tho. 🙄

    Gregory Hayes

    ummmmm it's still a knockout. A fighter has to be read to fight within 10 seconds or the fight is over. You can't be up and staggering around; that's not how the sport works.

  52. The Black Schwab

    Yes Im back to watch highlights of the REAL HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP. Who is the A side now? Hahahaha

    SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0

    Fury 1Wilder 2👌👍💯💯💯

    Germaine Johnson

    @SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0 fury wilder was a draw move on

    Gregory Hayes

    Yeah AJ has no negotiation power with wilder or fury now.

  53. First Name

    The real champ

  54. Charles Anderson

    He would of killed Joshua!!!!

    big D

    @Ashton The Great Ruiz did good against Joshua but wilder is a different monster.

    Ashton The Great

    @big D exactly that what I was saying if Ruiz beat Joshua bad Wilder would kill him

    big D

    @Ashton The Great nobody ever want to give wilder any credit. and most hatter's are American people.

    Ashton The Great

    @big D I believe he's the most athletic out of all the heavyweights and the hardest single puncher

    Steven Diaz

    Til this day I've been saying that, TIL THIS DAY

  55. fazs2000

    Hahaha if you watch this from a ringside recording Wilder jumped on the turnbuckle so hard he almost fell over it

  56. Todd Brothers

    These commentators suck

  57. James McDaniel

    Wilder has shown he has excellent timing both in this fight and vs spilka . Everyone always points to his lack of boxing skills but what he lacks there he more than makes up for it with perfect timing thus he's ko'ed every man he's ever faced inthe ring .


    the most underrated part of him

    AFJet 89

    Same with the Ortiz fight he caught him with a pull back right hand counter

  58. takeitindballs

    my weaker hand, which is the left one, hits just a bit harder than that, except it's just a bit faster, so if you know its location you can't know its speed, and vice versa. the right hand is actually kind of a worm hole, taking your jaw to the other side of the next galaxy.

  59. Jerico Hampton

    I swear I watched this 100 time

  60. Martin S

    Heavyweight Thomas Hearns

  61. Sean Bond

    Kevin Hart: “Soon as he got hit, 35 cents flew out of his pocket pow pow”

    terrence samps

    Ok get some new jokes


    I never heard a punch before I saw it before

  63. Аlex Nelson

    I'd knock his ass out.

  64. Myxalplyx Xylplaxym

    0:40 That camera man quit his job after this.

  65. Little Drummin Boy

    Wilder hit him so hard, Khan fell down just watching the fight at home.

    Rahmad King

    Goodddddd dammmm😂😂😂😂 I'm 💀

  66. Incredible World

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  67. Bijaya Gurung

    Wilder with them dynamite hands.

  68. Brice Tikum

    Literally jumped off my bed 😳😳😭😭 the force on that. He walked up like he knew “I’m finna knock this man out rn”

  69. cali budz

    Give it to what’s his name for having the heart to go out there and thro- ohh what a hit!!!

  70. Da truth hurts!!!!

    Deontay Wilder is a G!!!!

  71. Cedric Thomas

    Mama Mia!!!

  72. Shifu Sage

    Where was this shit in the Tyson Fury fight? Rematch???

  73. Diana Rodriguez

    Wow!! This guy is a beast!! Best ever

  74. Incredible World

    Useful video! Always keep doing high-quality content and you'll expand quickly! Subscribe to our channel and so we'll subscribe back to you!

  75. Joe 5.0

    I guess the higher in rankings the easier the fight. Com on

  76. Joe 5.0

    Woohoo. Soon Joshua will win. It's all setup

  77. Joe 5.0

    It's all about money

  78. Joe 5.0

    Sounds like wwe

  79. Markie

    Did anyone in Brazil feel that punch?

  80. Bruno the Bruiser A.K.A left hook devastation

    To anyone who fights him next be aware he takes advantage of that set-up off a referee breakup half of his Knockouts was after a breakup cuz he likes to step right into it, and It Ain't Nothing But Smoke when it comes..💪🏽😂

    Bruno the Bruiser A.K.A left hook devastation

    Prime example look up Price vs Wilder he did the same thing when the referee broke them up

  81. Courtney Peters

    Yo! I don't like wilder but God damn son!

  82. Jeepers

    i've said this before ima say it again... where are the mike tyson comparisons , at least? i'm not the biggest boxing fan but what is that 40-0 with 39 ko's?

    Ritz Kola

    Well you answered your own question lol, you're not the biggest Boxing fan so you missed out. Wilder is already talked about as the hardest hitter in Boxing history- George Foreman even said Wilder hits harder than him....FYI George was the general consensus for the hardest hitter in Boxing history. With Earnie Shavers being runner-up.

  83. JOHN DOE

    whatever.i hit my girlfriend harder.


    Lol be nice to your girlfriend.

  84. Sweeney32 Bourque77

    *Wilder making cats do snow angels in May!* 👊🌟⭐🌟❄⛄⭐

  85. Brad Brown

    I heard, on a very well known podcast, that wilder is the next Mike Tyson for his era. You know who you are..,, wake up. Are you watching the same fights we are? He’s not even close to Tyson . Not a chance in hell. Forget that garbage and change the hype. Wilder is good to watch based on the current opponents....but no where near Tyson’s striking, aggression, power or opponents. Drop this shit now. You, and WE, know that’s a crock of shit. No one and WE repeat, NO ONE, is remotely close to Mike Tyson. And you know it! Bullshit disrespect for one of the greatest fighters of all time. I’m pissed about those comments and so are my fight friends who’ve followed this for entire careers. Retract and reveled your respect for Wilder. I suggest another review of his last 5 fights then , AND ONLY THEN, should Mike Tysons’ name come out of your mouth as comparison to Deontray Wilder. No way guys. Absolutely no freaking way

    Ritz Kola

    Tyson is barely even top 10 HWs of all-time lol calm down. Tyson lost every time he fought actual competition and only dominated bums inn the 80s who are the size of modern cruiser-weights. Wilder factually hits harder than Tyson, has never been dropped unlike Tyson was, hasn't been knocked out like Tyson was...Tyson struggled and got KO'd by Buster Douglas who was a nobody and the heavy underdog in the fight, immediately lost the belt after beating Tyson, and career went onward to- pretty much nothing after he beat Mike. Wilder would've had Buster asleep on the floor. You're clearly British, your "manner of speech" gave it away and thus it makes sense why you're here hating. You weirdos have an intense hatred for Wilder for some reason. Now what you really meant was YOU find Tyson's style much more visually pleasing than Wilder's; and that's okay. But learn and understand Boxing instead of hating.

    Brad Brown

    Ritz Kola I’m not British, but I fo respect our British brothers and sisters immensely. I grew up , same age, as Mike Tyson. You cannot, truthfully, say that Mike fought undersized or underrated fighters. I respect your reply and understand where you’re coming from but please give Mike Tyson the credit he deserves. I’d like nothing more than to have seen Wilder v Tyson. I’m sure it would’ve been a brawl.... but Tyson wins

    Ritz Kola

    Brad Brown 1. Yes. You’re British. 2. Mike Tyson *truthfully* fought bums and an ancient Larry Holmes who only came out of retirement for a paycheck. 3. HWs back in the 80s were undersized compared to Modern HWs. Everyone knows this. Tyson wasn’t fighting bums that weighed 240+ pounds. He was fighting bums that weighed 208lbs. Making them far less dangerous than the average HW today. 4. The moment mike stepped up in competition he lost. Buster Douglas beating mike was the equivalent of Dominic Breazeale beating Wilder...only one of those things happened. 5. Wilder hits much harder than Tyson and will go down as the hardest puncher in history of the sport. Wilder is much taller than Tyson and has a much longer reach. Considering Tyson took punishment from a few of the nobodies he fought in the 80s and even had some degree of difficulty to Holmes “jab”, I’m certain Wilder would knock Tyson out. Especially when Buster Douglas accomplished it. What are you even arguing for at this point.

    Brad Brown

    Ritz Kola you’re so wrong and full of shit. I’m a US citizen who has followed Tyson since the beginning. What’s up eith your presumption that I’m British? Hate all you Wes too in me, but don’t hate on Mike Tyson. He’s beat your boys down today if he set his mind to it. Get lost and leave me alone. Btw, I hope whose your favorite all time fighter? Lennox? Lmao

    Ritz Kola

    Brad Brown no, you dickhead everything I said was facts. YOU PUSSY. Which is why you haven’t actually argued against them. Now shut up

  86. LunaWolfMXS

    That's a bad man

  87. Andrew Morris

    What cup size is Breazeale?

  88. Truth Troll

    Step out in front of AJ with this one.✌🏾

  89. Fred Flintstone

    shame, Deontay really has no real competition. Boxing sucks now. Everyone moved to MMA.

    Ritz Kola

    Boxing consistently does higher views than mma

  90. J KING

    NOW Lets get Wilder vs Joshua NOW!!! That is the only fight that I would pay to see Anything else at this point is just dumb!

  91. JT F

    Incredible. Wilder is a true American champion.What a rare boxer.

    Steven Diaz

    Shotgun of a right

  92. albooga

    Had to watch on x25 speed

  93. Zay

    Wilder fights nobody’s

  94. michael mccauley

    Shit in my opinion Wilder’s greatest victory will always be when he beat Charlie Zelenoff’s punk ass...I felt like a proud father lol

  95. sj z

    I found that the ref with wilder fights always love to shout mamamiya 🤢

  96. cali budz

    The announcer curse with the survives the first taste of adversity lolol

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