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NF - Outro
: NF
: Outro
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04-02-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 74 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (NF - Outro )
  1. William Holcomb

    Eminem makes you angryLogic makes you emotionalNF makes you angry and emotional

  2. William Holcomb

    NF needs to have a rap battle with Eminem.. I wonder who'd win

  3. Whats Up Crafters

    love this song!

  4. Jedi_Nova_15

    For me, Eminem is a lyrical genius, but NF is the murderer of meaning...

  5. Ganesan Gurusamy

    Legend of music

  6. kinagsed

    "this is for the kids feeling like they live at the bottom and every day of their lives feels like it's darker than halloween"

  7. little world

    I cry every time he is soo good at making music I hv listen to this song so much nf if u saw this I'm happy my aunt found u and the First song I hear was intro3 and I haven't stoped lession to u ever sence I'm hoping I can get enough money to go to it concert ik ik nf will not see this but.... I like saying this :,) ur good nf love u and all his fans :)

  8. Joseph Barilari

    not a diss, change my mind

  9. Megan Griffith

    nf is not like eminem

  10. Alexandra Rich

    I swear if he's gonna quit cuz he's married I WILL HUNT HIM DOWN! NF got me through some dark Times. I'm NOT about to let him quit.

  11. Jennifer Martinez

    If u are a real fan then u must have heard Nate say”My biggest fear is writing this record and wasn’t putting out trash, it was a disappointment muse and the fan base” u guys need to have patience for gods sake...🤦🏻‍♀️

  12. David Correia

    eminem is the rap god but nf is the king of rap ..... i love you nf

  13. Lavish Townsend

    Im home bitches!!!!!!

  14. Kawai Music Dark

    ojala te pudras en el maldito infierno hijo de las remilputas

  15. xxboixx todo

    Hey nf bro i need to hear a song from you and dax

  16. Alyse Is a dork

    0:48 Love Nate so much

  17. Kyle Withers

    Should my heart hurt this much

  18. Austin Brunette

    Put this man on a record with Em and Joyner for some super hype.

  19. Jose Price

    If i had a free ticket to an eminem or NF concert id chose NF any fucking day. Mark my words my first ever concert WILL be an NF concert.

  20. Gideon Thalheimer

    me: all hale nf the rap "god" nf: NO!

  21. Brenna Salway

    One thing I admire about NF is the raw emotion you can feel in each and every one of his songs. From certain personal experiences I can relate to his music on a mental and physical level. On another note, I really do wish people would stop seeing this as a diss at Eminem and quit comparing the two. Sure, they have similar music. But that doesn’t make them the same. Al in all, I love both equally, but it isn’t fair to compare.

  22. Hellu Där

    Am i the only one who wants Alec Benjamin and NF to collab?

  23. Hula McFlyer

    First time hearing this, thought it was a diss, as I listened to more songs (and read the comments) I realized this ain't no diss, and that's why I love NF

  24. kitttenxo

    i think I'm in love ? lol for sure infatuated


    How can you dislike this lol

  26. Gage Parrish

    Nf best rap

  27. William Curtis

    strait up FIRE

  28. Brenda Rivera

    I'm so depressed I don't know wat to do ur music makes me feel a little better because I know sumone kinda know what going on ur music is relatable thank you you keep doing you please don't let anyone change anything bout u

  29. Lenvothong kpl

    Nf I really want you to upload gospel rapsong thank you God bless you

  30. Mikki Cochran

    IDK if u can get more original music than him

  31. John Smith

    I love NFs music it is my favorite but the beginning of this song sounds like something from a super hero movie like flash

  32. Golden_Solar

    NF doesnt diss; he just states facts. He was saying hes tired of being compared to the "Rap God" and wants to be known as NF, not Eminem pt.2. NF is real, while eminem is funny. NF is a good; lyrical rapper who does real shit for people so they can relate. Eminem is a good; lyrical rapper who does random shit for people so they can laugh. They arent the same; just because they are white doesnt mean they need to be compared. You dont see anybody comparing fuckin Futuristic to 50 Cent, so why these two??

  33. Traci Gillen

    come do a show in anchorage , Alaska

  34. Wesley Mercer

    And right now I am actually exhausted.

  35. Waqas Arshad

    [Verse]I'm dedicated, the definition of dedicationWrote this whole record while I was levitatingSittin' in my room with the pen and paper, I'm innovativeThey've been afraid of me since I was a second graderI'm the kid on the playground mama told you to never play withThere's levels of music-and I'm in the elevatorGoing up to the top floor, look how we elevatedWhat, you don't know the brand by now? You better get educatedTake both of my arms, rip 'em out the sockets and separate 'emForgive me, yeah, I know I get animatedDon't matter, I still write a better record than yours without a hesitationNever been more motivatedJust look at all the minds I have opened and penetratedSee, I am the voice of all these kids that think things, but never say 'emThat's why they come to my shows wearing the NF hoodies and hats low like we're carrying weapons, ah!Put the controllers away, it's game overI promise I'm way colderThe fans keep saying that they're hungry for new musicWell that's pretty convenient 'cause I just made a plate for 'emAnd I don't hear what none of y'all are sayingI just sit at the keys feeling the musicGot me thinking I'm BeethovenThe game needs a makeoverIf you've been waiting, the wait's overYou ain't notice, y'all about to witness a takeover, I'm home!Yeah, they waiting on me to match theEmotion that I had in the last oneWhat if I don't, they gon' tell me that I'm losing my passion?If I do, am I repeating my actions?Yeah, look, "How Could You Leave Us" is massiveThere ain't nothing I can write that'll match thatMy biggest fear writing this record wasn't putting out trashIt was disappointing myself and the fanbaseNow I want you to picture me:I'm in a hotel rapping, crying on the floor of the bathroomStaring in the mirror, my room, hands shaking playing "How Could You Leave Us" through the speakers on my iPhoneTryna figure out if I'ma always feel the way that I feel or maybe someday I can learn to be happyOr maybe I can't be, 'cause if the music ain't emotional enough, are they gon' call me a has-been?Pain's always been the root of my musicIf I cut it off, how am I supposed to keep growingIf I let it go, won't my whole career be in ruins?That's when I realized this whole conversation is stupidI never cared to impress people that don't even know meI just write what I feel, somehow it started a movementTrying to enjoy a career, but I don't know how to do itWhen I spend all of my time being afraid I'ma lose it!But, then I figured out the reason they follow meThe reason why these fans surrounding meIt's not 'cause I'm a "Rap God"I don't need you people to bow to meAll they ever did was doubt on me, now everyone's proud of meAcknowledge me or not, you ain't ignoring the followingI'm just teaching 'em something they couldn't learn in they collegesThis is for the kids feeling like they live at the bottom and every day of they lives, feels like it's darker than Halloween!Yeah, you ain't alone out there, look around you-we got a lot of fans in hereCouple hundred thousand, that's what we did last yearListen to Intro III, trying to kill my fearThey'll get that in a minuteWe about to shatter the criticsI am a savage, admit itA lot of baggage I live inThat's why the passion is differentReally don't care if they get itWe're only three records in it and this is just the beginningI'm home![Outro]Real music

  36. Laura Bryan

    "This is for the kids feelin' like they live at the bottom and everyday of there lives feel like its darker than halloween" This is by far the most real part of this song

  37. Casey Walsh

    I'm tired of people saying that he's not fast like Eminem. He does a lot if work. I think he's better than Eminem

  38. Dragonmage

    That part where he said he ain’t a rap god,ima hope that ain’t a diss to Eminem.

  39. Rahul Shirodkar

    iNFj 💜

  40. KitKat Kath13

    Personally I think NF is better then Eminem.

  41. Bigmaccplays Minecraft

    I started listing to NF before he even made rap. That’s a true fan.

  42. Laura Bryan

    My favourite part is 0:00 to 3:00 🔥

  43. Isabella Myers

    You know I don't know how people can dislike something I mean if you don't like their music or video just don't watch it

  44. DLC_Rage

    i totally feel nf whenever i feel depressed or angry i just come and just let all my emotion out while i rap it feels like you are the only one that is there in that moment its like you get lost in the music and you never wanna find your way back out

  45. Big Chungus And Shaggy are gods!!!

    I need to be happy not sad please NF I love your music though 2:10 🔥

  46. AgaresGaming

    This comment section do 95%saying it's not a diss1%saying its a diss4%saying random stuff

  47. Cadence Kemper


  48. Lil Pumpkin

    In the beginning I noticed him throwing in words from rap god fast part like levitating, elevating, innovative, and elevator

  49. Evan Allen

    if enimen is god, then nf is jesus.

  50. Maktoum Fahad

    Imagine Eminem and NF making a song🤤🤤... that would be so cool!🔥

  51. CountryKittyGirl

    Personally, I think that when he said that he said "Rap God" It wasn't supposed to diss Em. I think this because he's just kind of tired of people comparing him to Em. If you watch the interview, he says that Em inspired him a lot - People won't stop comparing the two, but I don't think that their music could ever match. NF is too emotional and he's real. He makes real music that people who are going to dark time can relate to or know that they're not alone. Me? I think NF is better, because he makes music that lets me know I'm not alone and that he's gone through something similar.

  52. Isaiah Bryant

    For all who think this is a diss you’re wrong. You know nothing of NF

  53. Dom Gannon

    NF is the motivational version of Eminem

  54. ? K I N G

    Better than Eminem fight me if you disagree

  55. smoile Smoile

    We love you

  56. xNub_Nubx yee yee brother

    My favorite part about this song is how it speaks to you as an old friend and is so relatable

  57. Thristen Ramos

    he gave me CHILLS when he started its not because im a rap god. The orchestra gave me literal CHILLS

  58. Kamilo Domingos

    Good kid

  59. Kyle Colgan

    Rappers think that they are better than NF well i guess they haven't listened to him.

  60. エイジャ

    His words are so god damn powerful, I can’t even describe them with my own words

  61. Riley Walker


  62. ima potato 1234


  63. Izzy Osborn

    Honestly he says that if he isn’t emotional then people tell him he isn’t passionate. As long as he loves it the passion shows it doesn’t have to be the same if he feels different he should make it different. I’m always gunna be a fan this music helps me through so much.

  64. Raynen Chua

    Yes, he sounds like Eminem, but I don't think he likes being compared to Eminem he's sick of it. I think you guys need to stop that..

  65. Rewaj Begum

    Howwwww are u monetizeddddd

  66. Dj Hilfers

    Did he just diss Eminem?

  67. Scrub Music

    I think some of this is a insult toward eminem

  68. Anderson Taylor

    I actually memorized this song because it is so AWESOME

  69. Bison

    *1:23* Let you down be like *"Am I A Joke To You?"*

  70. box'O cereal

    I think that NF is better then Eminem and this was no diss track

  71. Braedan Likes Gaming

    When he said Rap God, i think he was dissing eminem.

  72. Yourpal HOOVES

    All his songs are always so meaningful

  73. horse lover

    This is one of his best songs

  74. Kraber Clash

    0:19 is the start

  75. Ayndrea Cooper

    Is he filling a lot of rappers to shut up?

  76. toasty nips

    This song goes hard fuckin pure fire

  77. nick cianfarani

    fuck ya NF!!!

  78. grey VANN

    Love thus

  79. Sylvie Alexander

    He sounds like he's lowkey scared in this song. You can hear his anxiety, the thinking.

  80. John Naismith

    this kinda reminds me of the old hopsin :D its awesome

  81. Darth Scil

    *I'm the kid on the playground mama told you to never play with.*

  82. vG ViBeZ

    Yeah, NF is good. But Eminem Is a Legend....Don't think any of these Rappers could Touch Eminem in Rap......If you were to mess with Eminem in a Battle it would end NF's Career.

  83. Kraber Clash


  84. Sadi raylee britt

    I love u nf

  85. You just got Pranked fool

    Lol I was the 2k person to like😂

  86. Kraber Clash

    2:05 best part starts for. Me

  87. The Fortnite Man

    Anybody listened to this song during Halloween 2018? cause i did

  88. Focus Plays

    The Eminem ‘diss’ isn’t really a diss tho. He’s just saying that people compare him to rap god due to his fast rapping. So stop saying that ‘oH eMiNeM gOt DiSsEd’

  89. Jordan Sam

    I need a song witn nf and eminem

  90. MAF SkiLzz


  91. Clauzha Line

    NF is a product influence by Eminem but NF more nice in words.. if u listen to them both u have balance in life ..

  92. Colby Ingram

    say man, your awesome!

  93. Katileau

    I love how his songs portray exactly what his thoughts and feelings are. 10/10 rapper right here.

  94. Confused Knight

    I like how I scroll down and as he says, "how could you leave us" in the video I'm looking straight at the song.

  95. Emily Taylor

    When he said "Its not cuz I'm a 'Rap God' I don't think it was a diss. I think thats just him saying he's sick of people comparing him to Eminem. I actually watched an interview that he had and he said Eminem was a huge inspiration for him. People compare them all the time... But I don't think their levels could ever match. NF is just too real for anyone to compete with. I personally think he's better.

  96. david cooze


  97. Kelly C

    OMG i think he just dissed Eminem

  98. cl10028

    Best Song ever man keep up the good work!

  99. LIFE

    This is by far my favorite from NF, it’s just pure art

  100. Primary

    1:40 grammar mistake

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