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Çay Taşı
Özgür Baba - Çay Taşı
: Çay Taşı
: 11.15 MB
: 39 Toplam İndirme
10-10-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 39 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Özgür Baba - Çay Taşı )
  1. Pauli8058

    Where can we find the translate of the song?

  2. Ali Hikmet Yörük

    eğer ruhunda bu şekilde ise eywallah

  3. emre hasgül

    Bilinmeyen Dünyaları yaşıyanlar var da..!! kimler duyuyor bir fethiye bir kars ta...!? nice Yüce GÖNÜL SAHİBİ CANLAR AŞKINA...!? SAKLISINDA YAŞADIĞI HAYATLARIN SÖZE, DİLE GELMEMİŞ HALLERİNE İLE...?? YAR İLE YARASINA MERHEM OLSUN ...!!!

  4. Selim Budak


  5. Billy Feels

    So gefühlvoll. Danke

  6. Troy

    What's this instrument called?


    Cura Baglama name of the enstrument and it is Turkish

  7. Rubar Çin

    Riyadan gösterişten uzak, elinde bir curası, üç beş tane tavuğu, kışın ısınmak için birkaç odunu, bir müstakil evi ve mükemmel sesi. Toplum olarak yozlaştık uzağız böyle ruha dokunan seslere, sana istediğin değeri veremediğimiz için affet Özgür Baba. Sen çok fazlasın bu dünya için, biz ise eksiğiz.

  8. EagleEars Studios

    wow man nice studio ! ;)

  9. Eda Darı

    O kadar farklı ki... Kırık yolumun yoldaşı oldu.

  10. Czizes Gonti

    Keep coming back to this one when want to stop my mind, relax and calm...

  11. soslothful

    What is this instrument and language?


    @Parabol Thanks. It was also interesting someone living a very rural life has internet access. Technology is everywhere!


    No it is not tenbur , it is Cura baglama, turkish traditional enstrument, tenbur is irani enstrument.

  12. Yula Moon#1

    I am very grateful these songs by Ozgur Baba have found me today. thank you thank you thank you~!


    @Yula Moon#1 thanks to you ♥

  13. Joe Bay

    google translate says his name means Contact Özgür directly

    Margarita's Dias

    His name is Özgür which means ''free'' or ''liberal'' and second name on the title of video just like a nickname and means ''father'' and I guess it's coming from respect because Turkish people may say father to someone determine their respect to him.

  14. Distman

    I love the chickens in the background just checking him out periodically. "Sweet notes, bro" says the rooster

  15. JGM

    This music makes me remember Haci Bayram Camii in Ankara and feel God's affection because He is Al Wadud.

  16. ElMelomano30

    desde la cordillera de los Andes Chile este hombre inspira una paz en su melodia

  17. Güneş Münigü


  18. katiakatiakat

    çok guzel. my heart is weeping. tessekur. salaams from Seattle <3

  19. internetin neti

    Adam ne güzel müzik çalıyor. Ama 1:34 horozun aklı fikri halaa.. :D

  20. Butimar

    Yaşamak istediğim hayat..

  21. ubiozmiec

    My Turkish is like at 1%? but does this literally translate as "tea bag" ? :D

  22. Nancy García

    Necesito más de Özgür Baba en mi vida!!!! Excelso!

  23. Mark Wô'Jama

    Wonderful!!! ~totality~

  24. ser han

    halinin dilimi, dilinden dokulen manami, sazin sedasimi, yakti iste... Orda ki etrafa bakinca senin o karenin icinde olman bu nasil bir butunluk... Demek ki nefsini ezmissin yoksa bu hal bu ahval bu kadar insanin icine islemez... Allah muhabbetini artirsin...

  25. Nira Kemphen

    Какой аппетитный петух на заднем плане!Ну, очень колоритный))) А исполнение завораживает!спасибо ♥Teşekkür Ederim !

  26. Pippi Longstockings

    Please more from this wonderfull mystik and man everything is so simple and clean and sweet as the Simple Life is -but i Know also there are shooting and looting -may we all work for Peace and awakening -and stand up against our supressors -the Neoglobalist Elite- lets understand the spiders web that has made us all to slaves which we ar not-there is the big Illusion that wehave to pay for beeing here-about 1000 Jears ago we wer still liviing in Peace and in our Hearth ve were mostly vegetarians ,too there was no suffering the Earth was green and singing and laughing our Musik :-))))))

  27. Romunas So

    This music is beautifull. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  28. Alexei Medvedev

    So here are english lyrics, any amendments are gratefully accepted :))As the moon rises up and always falls downAs the wine makes eyes tired and frownDidn't the Lord who created youAlso created mePebbles and flinstonesMy darling's brows stand closeWith ugly one it's hard to eat honeyAnd you can carry stones with a pretty oneAs the diamond does not have smellThe loving heart does not have sleep as wellLove me if you dare toStop being scared

    Lennart Roos

    Fuck that's beautiful

  29. Albert Csongor

    Somebody has the lyrics in english?

  30. Albert Csongor

    Amazing. It comes straight from the soul :)

  31. Birsen Sak

    Yüreğinize sağlık kendimi kötü hissettiğimde baş vurduğum tek yer bu notalar 💕🎧 🎼Huzurrrr 🙏❤️

  32. Leilani Moròn


    Can TURUT

    @Krzysztof Lukomski İt is bağlama not saz.Saz means instrument in Turkish.

    Krzysztof Lukomski

    Wikipedia says that baglama is saz in Turkey.

    Sinem Özdemir

    @Krzysztof Lukomski it's a "cura", a kind of saz

  33. steve morel

    Where is it?! What language is that?! Which culture is it? :o This is beautiful <3

    Ahmet Tanrıkulu

    This Turkey Fethiye, turkish language

    steve morel

    @Ahmet Tanrıkulu is "Fethiye" a dialect?! :)

    Simonida Stankovic

    @steve morel It is a district

  34. Bee 818

    What instrument is this? Beautiful.

    Cory Roberts

    Can Sisli, yep that is where I was looking so far. I’m currently in Colorado, usa. Have you bought them from eBay, are they decent quality? I mean, for an entry level instrument.

    Can Sisli

    @Cory Roberts l have bought my own cura's in Turkey . l am a carpenter en l repair sometimes different music instruments as african harp kora/ N'goni . I have two cura's and three bağlama (big cura) . if you want l can send you gratis

    Cory Roberts

    Can Sisli, that is extremely generous. Although I wouldn’t feel comfortable with gratis. I also dabble with carpentry and I may make myself something similar as I have the materials and not the funds for a new instrument at this time.

    Can Sisli

    @Cory Roberts your welcome . l would help you . you can find me at facebook ! İf you need help ,l can help you about this instrument !

    Cory Roberts

    Can Sisli , a few years ago I got myself unhooked from most social media. I do appreciate your response on here tho! I am fairly new to these types of stringed instruments and am so fascinated with them!

  35. alek

    Can someone translate the lyrics please?

  36. Mariana

    I meet myself when i listen to this. A long existence ancient myself..

  37. Gilles Catala

    huuummm two times.

  38. Gabitsiki Kleine Mami

    "Özgür Baba living in the midst of nature by himself, plays his saz (a musical instrument used by Turkish folk singers). Selecting verses from Yunus Emre, an ancient poet, the song is about a tree transformed into a wardrobe but not feeling happy. "DOLAP NİÇİN İNİLERSİNWater-wheel, why do you moan?For I've troubles, I moan.I fell in love with the lord,That is why I moan.My name is troubled water-wheel,My water flows pure,Thus, as the Lord wishes,For I've troubles, I moan.They found me on a mountain,They broke my arms and wings,They found me fit for a water-wheel,For I've troubles, I moan.I'm a tree of a mountain,Neither sweet, nor bitter,I'm thankful to the Lord,For I've troubles, I moan.They cut off my branches,Destroyed all my order,Yet, I'm an unwearied poet,For I've troubles, I moan.I take my water from below,I turn and pour it high,See what i suffer from,For I've troubles, I moan.Yunus, comes and finds no joy here,The tree will never grow,No one remains in this mortal world,For I've troubles. I moan.posted by dancestoblue at 12:46 AM on November 16 [13 favorites]

    Adem Paksoy

    wardrope degil,degirmen dolabi,suyu asagidan alip yukari tasir.

    Achyut Raj Adhikari

    Thank you; the words are indeed beautiful.

    Muhammed Gökmen

    These are not the lyrics of this piece. You are looking for "Dertli Dolap".

  39. emre düzgün

    Bu tını alıp götürüyor insanı uzaklara yaşama dair yaşamaya dair seyler koyuyor gönlümüze.

  40. M B

    Absolutely beautiful music and video! It's so great that it inspired me to make an electro remix of this song, it's on my channel in case anyone is interested :)

    Simonida Stankovic

    please, share it with us; we are very intetested, so would be Baba ! Did you do it with his previous song, about weal ?

    M B

    @Simonida Stankovic no I haven't, but maybe I will. All of his songs are great :)

  41. Victor Junger


  42. Kasia i Kornel

    Cudowna muzyka.



  44. Leo Eyegenartig

    Translation please! 🙏🏼

  45. Cpl Cannabis

    Dang, that rooster got his fuck on at 1:35, snuck up on that hen

  46. Weltherrscher

    a wise man of music

  47. Soisob Das

    meaning plz???

    Sinem Özdemir

    The lyrics:As the moon rises up and always falls downAs the wine makes eyes tired and frownDidn't the Lord who created youAlso created mePebbles and flinstonesMy darling's brows stand closeWith ugly one it's hard to eat honeyAnd you can carry stones with a pretty oneAs the diamond does not have smellThe loving heart does not have sleep as wellLove me if you dare toStop being scared.

  48. Berkay Aktepe

    Bana bu ozanı, o tantmıştı. Şimdi elimde bi sigara karanlıkta dinliyorum. Ne eylersin. Yalnızlık. Kendi başına ama dolu bir yalnızlık.

  49. Beyaz Hançer

    As the moon rises up and always falls down As the wine makes eyes tired and frown Didn't the Lord who created you Also created me Pebbles and flinstones My darling's brows stand close With ugly one it's hard to eat honey And you can carry stones with a pretty one As the diamond does not have smell The loving heart does not have sleep as well Love me if you dare to Stop being scared


    Is that what he is reciting? Thank you for the translation!


    thank you. peace and joy, j.

    Sinem Özdemir

    The lyrics:As the moon rises up and always falls downAs the wine makes eyes tired and frownDidn't the Lord who created youAlso created mePebbles and flinstonesMy darling's brows stand closeWith ugly one it's hard to eat honeyAnd you can carry stones with a pretty oneAs the diamond does not have smellThe loving heart does not have sleep as wellLove me if you dare toStop being scared.

  50. Darkem 1138

    Much respect to this man for being an anchorite. I would happily give him alms of grain for his chickens

  51. Christian Belger

    Gott segne dich, alter Mann.

  52. Rıfkı Özdemir

    Büyüksün babaaaa...

  53. Kadir Karataş

    Bu nasil bi kayittir şu bankta oturup dinlemeyi ne kadar çok isterdim agzina yüregine saglik özgür baba

  54. soner soner

    soyle bi eseri dinleyen sayisina bak yazik cok yazik

  55. Cotard Official

    güzelliklerin içinden çıkmış bi çiçek gibisinsanki kıskanılmış diğerleri tarafından bi bağlamanın çalabildiği en içli şarkı notaları ağlarak çalan.evim olmuşsun adetagittiğin anda ağlar sana dört duvarve belki çınlar kulakların ardından sevgin bana senden kalmış yadigargel boğulalım gözlerinin kıyısındateknelerle beraber gezelim tüm dünyayı dünya demişken ben galiba ölmüşümçünkü gözlerinde cenneti gördümbelki ağlarım tekrar koynundakumsallara uzanıp dans ettiririz yıldızları ve belki tekrar ağlarız gülünücek halimizegitmek istemeyiz ordan belki bir sevdiğimilelebet benim olursun her gece seyrederiz yıldızları ve kim bilir yanımızda konuk oyuncular olurhayatımıza sonradan giren.

  56. Maccy Bear

    Özgür Baba you are a legend. I hope to meet you some day so you can teach me Kung Fu, sorry I mean music.

    Ömer F. S.

    Not Funny

    Maccy Bear

    @Ömer F. S. You have no idea how much I love his music. This setting, his culture, everything about it I love. I've been to the area. I love Fethiye, Cirali, faralya and the whole of Turkey. Every corner is beautiful and different. I'm also officially allowed a joke :)

    Эдуард М

    Very funny and witty)

    Joe Bay

    working hard

    John Simit

    @Maccy Bear yep, you are allowed to make little jokes. Tolarance is the key point of being in Turkey. But nowadays young people keep forgetting it...

  57. Ma Nita

    ¡Paz, amor y belleza! Gracias 🙏🏼🌷😌

  58. Ma Nita

    ¡ Belleza, paz, vida plena, nostalgia, espíritu, paz, armonía, mucha paz! 🙌❤️🌷😌

  59. eXistenZ

    Im german/greek, dont understand a word, but I cant stop listening to his music. So much heart, soul and melancholy. It speaks to me in a way that doesnt even need words for understanding. Good music is a global language. Peace

    Germán Sanchez Recoba

    Les recomiendo a José Larralde muy bueno


    Lyrics in English:The moon had was born, did not down?Did not asquint eye go sleep?God who created you,Did not he create me?Pebble, flintMy darling's frown No eating honey with uglyCarry stone with beautiful No odor in diamondLovers do not sleepLove me if you will loveNot so much feared

    Galip Atli

    Sawon Chakraborty çl

    Halit Cinar

    Moin/calimera. Peace bro

  60. Ashley McCausland Music

    What instrument is this? Can anyone translate the lyrics? 💛🐓🎸🎶

    Always Something

    It is called a cura, a traditional instrument in Turkey.Other people have posted the original lyrics. I recommend using Google Translate for a rough idea, unless someone can provide a better alternative.

    Sinem Özdemir

    The lyrics:As the moon rises up and always falls downAs the wine makes eyes tired and frownDidn't the Lord who created youAlso created mePebbles and flinstonesMy darling's brows stand closeWith ugly one it's hard to eat honeyAnd you can carry stones with a pretty oneAs the diamond does not have smellThe loving heart does not have sleep as wellLove me if you dare toStop being scared.

  61. Awkadan

    Esto es espectacular. Amo.

  62. honban

    sacha baron cohen really gets into character


    I'm so tired of everything and everyone friends family life and hopefully, youtube knows me better than anyone else so I wish I could be there and just sit there and listen to your song for days and nights

    Dream Pipe International

    I feel you better then any1.Do u know where I can find this guru?

    Furkan Özen

    @Dream Pipe International he is not a guru. he is just a anchorite. you can find him in Fethiye/Muğla.


    @Furkan Özen I think so you dont now him ,this is just your guess. ?

    Furkan Özen

    @OZGUR BABA My friends lives in Muğla said that he lives in there. but this may not be a clear info.

    Walk barefoot on early morning grass with dew on it. Or on a sandy beach. Earth yourself. Minimum 5 minutes a day. Things will improve.

  64. Kwack

    Could some gentle soul make us an english translation ?

    Tahir Aman

    I was about to say the same......

    f. erol

    Wrong translate

    f. erol

    @A. R. T. amcik böyle mi cevrilir

  65. Mansel Blain

    beautiful ..lowkey b/m as fuck especially with gun shots ringing out in background

  66. Ryan Miller

    At this point 9 people have no idea what their listing to or what it takes to play music.(9 dislike^rs)

    Dream Pipe International

    Those who dislike the clip, don't have clue about freedom of nature and knowledge what to be above yourself

  67. TErhan

    Böyle hayat mı olur! 🤮

  68. blackdog2ful

    that is a beautiful life for a rooster...I want to be him!


    my exact thoughts

  69. morSik

    what is this Instrument called?

    Ian Weston

    I just asked the same question om another video. It's called a cura


    @Ian Weston Thank you! ; )

  70. Alice Forey

    Juste merci

  71. Jesse Millis

    Fantastic work brother.

  72. fugithegreat

    This so incredibly beautiful, thank you for sharing your talents with the world!

  73. Ri Ya

    Magnifique! and what a beautiful serene and wise-looking face.

  74. ecumask


  75. Ayşe Çakır

    Şurda tamda şu saatte dinliyorsam dertli dertli senin için... yakmışsam bir sigara, çatmışsam kaşlarımı acıdan. biliyorsam sol yanımda olduğunu hissediyorsam taa şuramda kalbimin orta yerinde şu acıyı, sebebi vardır bilir misin çok severim seni. C. Ayşen

  76. Hokus Pokus

    Magical..thank you for sharing.

  77. Un Felipe

    Excellent !

  78. Miss Mehli

    the gunshots in the background give this an almost haunting vibe. It's an incredibly beautiful video

    Abdul-bin Bombyourwife

    Kwack May not be hunters. In villages people use guns to communicate by shooting at air in Turkey.


    @Abdul-bin Bombyourwife seriously ? Wow ! Never heard of that before, that's mad cool ^^

    Mahmut yanık Mechanical wild boars and birds repellent.

    Teuta Ilyriana

    I thought they were mining charges. There were 3 or 4, and they were random. Sounded powerful, and off in the mountains. Also, a child got frightened and was crying for a bit after the second one.

    Simonida Stankovic

    @Abdul-bin Bombyourwife and in Caucasus and the Balkans as well

  79. Paolo Romanazzi

    I was get cool energy, great and relax ✌🏽 thank you so much light walker 😋

  80. lila lili

    j'aime beaucoup cette musique, mélodie, tout en osmose avec la nature, à voir les poules bien grasses... la vie est belle !

  81. Emilie A l’Ombre du Séquoia

    Thank you so much for this. Helped me greatly.

  82. Roland Strykala

    teshekür ederim

  83. -FF958 -

    1:34 arkaya bakın bütün olayı bozdu

  84. Cem Seymen

    1:35 horoz tavuğa atlıyor bir benim mi dikkatimi çekti. bütün modumu dağıttı itoliitler :)

  85. Emrah Yonet

    Adamsın 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  86. N.Sertac Katal

    Acaba ses kaydında Özgür Baba'nın sesinin daha yüksek kaydedilmesi mümkün müdür ? Sözleri tam olarak anlaşılmıyor.

  87. hakan bulut

    Kalbimize ışık tutanı engelleyen bizlerizDostça sohbeti bölen küfürlerimizAğladığımızı saklayan siyah gözlüklerimizİnsanlar duymasın diye günlüklere saklanan anılarımızGönüller bir deyip kendi gönlüne sığamayan insan oğlu bırak artık kibiri ve gösterişiSenler bizler hepsi tek aslında sen onu ara,Ara ki sen o olasın, çünkü insan neyi arar ise aslında o aradığı şeydirHakkı aramak dileğiyle canlar


    ne güzel ifade etmişsiniz. yüreğinize sağlık..

    Halit Cinar




    İsmail DİKTAŞ

    Sen anlamıyorsun.

  89. Meczub

    Ay doğdu batmadı mı Humâr göz yatmadı mı Seni yaratan Allah Beni yaratmadı mıÇay taşı çakmaktaşı Yarimin çatık kaşı Çirkin ile bal yenmez Güzel ile taş taşıElmasta koku olmaz Sevende uyku olmaz Seveceksen sev beni Bu kadar korku olmaz

    Ali İzzet

    Erdem Dündar sözler kimin acaba?


    Ali İzzet Soz anonim beste sadettin kaynak'a ait

    José Antonio Montoya

    Google translate provides this approximate translation. Could anyone kindly try and make it more intelligible?The moon was born did not Humor did not lie in the eye God created you Tea did not create me flint Tea is frowning My face with ugly Honey inedible Stone with a nice Elmasta odor It will not sleep

    Ashish Khetarpal

    I have it on loop, but I'd really like to know what the lyrics mean. Could you please translate them in English or French?

    Alexei Medvedev

    @José Antonio Montoya As the moon rises up and always falls downAs the wine makes eyes tired and frownDidn't the Lord who created youAlso created mePebbles and flinstonesMy darling's brows stand closeWith ugly one it's hard to eat honeyAnd you can carry stones with a pretty oneAs the diamond does not have smellThe loving heart does not have sleep as wellLove me if you dare toStop being scared

  90. Muhsin Özdemir

    Bu tür insanlar, böyle güzeller böyle özeller böyle iyiler. Bu tip özel insanları çokta popüler yapıp tv lere sosyal medyalara taşımamak lâzım. 👏

  91. Sabri altuntaş

  92. dilara tekin

    Çay taşı çakmaktaşı yarimin çatık kaşı..

  93. Doğukan İlter

    Bu paeçayı kaybetmiştim ve şimdi uzun aramlar sonucunda buldum. Çok mutlu oldum. Özgür baba çok duygulu çalıyosun keşke başka insanlar da seni keşfedebilse.

  94. Özgür Ç

    Mugladayim Özgür babayı ziyaret etmek istiyorum nasıl ulaşabilirim?

    Rıza Kızılsert

    Özgür Çiftçi öldü

    Özgür Ç

    Ciddi misin?

    Halil Kurban

    Özgür Çiftçi ölmüşmü?

    Sabri altuntaş

    okey'e aranan dördüncü

    Yanıklar köyünde Eylül de elif'in hecesi etkinliğinde performans sergiledi en son

  95. Ayla Çelik

    Ruhun gıdasıymış müzik son zamanlarda zehirleniyorum sandım.Panzehir gibi geldiniz varolun..

  96. K A

    Burası neresi bilen varsa söyleyebilir mi?

    K A

    Berkay Ataş şu güzelim şarkının altında böyle veletlerin olması çok üzücü

    Berkay Ateş

    K A otostopla gitmeye korkan birisi bence velet

    Kerim Aydın

    Aq veletleri gidin enes baturun altına yorum yapın siz

    Kerim Aydın

    Özgür babayı da kurtardık veletler enes batura gittiler

    Baran Özer

    Fethiye yanıklar

  97. İz Bırakan Sesler

    Abone olursanız çok sevinirim arkadaşlar :)

    Aysel Aysı

    Olmaz mıyız. Böyle güzel hissettiren şeylere hep devam edin. Hoşlukla kalın.

    Berk Aktuğ

    Abone olmami engelleyen durum videonun aslinda Elif'in Hecesi adli kanala ait olmasi :)

    Seda Seyrek

    Güzellikler paylaşılsın elbette, ama videonun Elifin Hecesi kanalına ait olduğunu belirtmeniz ve haklarını teslim etmeniz gerekmez mi?

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