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: Yerine
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (uuR - Yerine )
  1. A Mushroom with 50,000 Subscribers

    Archer: I don't smile*NEXT SCENE YOU CAN SEE HER SMILE*

  2. Muhammad Asif

    Baby dragon ❤️

  3. Brandon Potenberg

    How to make Archers seem decent

  4. اي شئ ليبي


  5. Minotauro Saliente

    Why archers wear pink shoes instead of barefoot?Why barbarians have swords instead of axes?

  6. Scart Playz

    I hate this viv


    3:54 th7 get tesla and if u look at themap WHERE THE HELL DID THOSE TESLA COME FROM

  8. Spirit Gamingx8

    2:42 I’m just confused as to how the archers still have 3 arrows even after they shot one

  9. Coco Puffs

    1:27 no eyebrows1:30 eyebrows

  10. Dylgames

    Ahora se de donde salió el gigante boxeador v:

  11. Manited YouTube 2.0

    마을회관7인데 페카가있네

  12. Xquizxt

    Was that chicken, for cow and chicken who voiced the purple dragon

  13. Paramhans Kansagara

    8:16boxer giants

  14. Paramhans Kansagara

    0:30,this is where they got the idea of goblin cage

  15. charlie McNamara

    Hey if anyone wants to join my clan in clash royale feel free to join the name is:OXCIDE GANG

  16. Rischo Maulana

    giant as rockyold WB as rocky coach....

  17. Sophia Wimmer


  18. Andromeda Gaming

    hehehe!! very good moment

  19. mr. springy dc2

    Wish archer towers can 1 shot a balloon

  20. The World Is A Playground

    Love it

  21. Ethan D the angry English guy

    Hello @Clashofclans, some of the subtitles are messed up, can you please fix it?

  22. Max Gamer

    Lvl 10 cannonDefeated by a lvl 1 giant that somehow didn’t die from the first cannonball

  23. The Shoopdahoop

    4:27 Fishermen's fish

  24. Hani SR

    عمل رائع💚💚

  25. Heist Gamer

    I'm sorry for do wrong

  26. WHAT You did not subscribe to my channel

    I just love the voice of wallbreaker on any episode

  27. Karina Gallegos

    3:05 I should've be dentistttt

  28. Soo Lee

    2:29 *5 more minutes mom*

  29. Ryan Amburgy

    Who’s watching in 2020 when the do wrong builder was added to clash royale?

    Mystery Hoof

    Its 2019 not 2020 thats in a few months

  30. Котейка

    Есть кто русский ? Лайк !😍

  31. Victoria Iga

    :§>~|§{~§£¥~§{_KvkcjclLvklf oh I Dvdf

  32. Kaneil Watson

    If ur above arena 12 1v1 me

    Kaneil Watson

    Same here

  33. Belen Alvarado

    Y desde aqui se creo el duende encarcelado

  34. Micah Nishimoto

    Oh so that's how the boxer giant was made

  35. Fishing Ever

    6:41 all my giants like that

  36. alexander Tsimounis

    The old man is kick from rocky balboa and the giant is rocky

  37. Yin Yang


  38. McCrizzlez

    That's a reference to rocky

  39. Yoshi World

    Waarom is de text Nederlands

  40. Game Set Match!

    This was a bigger upset than Ruiz Joshua!

  41. Caleb Kennedy

    Turn on captions during credits




    Bicht 800 years

  44. sega BMO

    I would had expected the plague in this type of infection because it is a type of a medieval period

  45. papyrus disbelief

    Việt nam?

  46. Dat boi Yeetatron

    How come I just now realized that the voice actor for spongebob voices some of the characters in this

    Dat boi Yeetatron

    (Tom kenny)

  47. isaiah cochran

    These are my favorite

  48. MyUserNamesIsThis Bacon

    The giant has brain cells

  49. Noraa

    Bruh the dragon is literaly a teen trying to stop vaping

  50. wut dahek

    Caption artist at end: 151752725172528152825722671737282626373726836367272627272726161637

  51. Lani Kerfonta

    Dis some good staff

  52. easy man chanel

    2 0 1 9

  53. Sir aaqii

    minions spit?

  54. はらあいう


  55. Jay Dogg

    The fishermen’s fish 4:28

  56. Mast mist 32

    Captions on at end screen

    ItsCadek playz

    hi dire


    What does it mean

  57. Dawid Nicki

    5:56 Sans on retirement

  58. Christian To

    Make sure to turn on captions

  59. Mark Lowks

    Who’s watching august?

  60. shelby YouTube

    Some say the sandwich is still burning to this day...

  61. Jared Aaron

    Boxer Giant in front of us

  62. Sub sandwich With mayo



    Ok but what is that

    Sub sandwich With mayo

    Noraa 1sorry my daughter took my phone and smashed it2I meant turn on captions at the end


    @Sub sandwich With mayo okey but thé captions

  63. ゆみじよ

    Ivan Dargo🤣🤣🤣

  64. Fracture

    Did Clash A Rama predict the goblin cage three years before it came out? 0:25

  65. SippyKipi


  66. Xas43 07

    0:26 goblin cage and it is number 4 his number of elixir

  67. gold kiraqi

    I love you

  68. Get Rekt, M8

    Why the doctor place was attacked and not the surroundings?

  69. Kevin Olvera

    Soy el único comentario en español? Xd


    suban mas clash a rama en español

  71. Anita Muadyan

    Por qué no lo ponen en español👿

  72. GreenGiant

    Really no one talks about that fight and everything was from rocky1?

  73. Professor Robin

    How can a lvl 1 or 2 giant destroy a lvl 10 cannon?

  74. FunctionalMLG123 Akatsuki

    It’s true they have no brain

  75. Reynald Cuadra

    The goblin said i apologize to the hog rider

  76. Arif Hidayat

    Yang Nonton Org Indonesia Like😊

  77. Spiral X

    *oh do wrong*

  78. إسحاق الناري

    عربين حلو حلو كلب

  79. Cody The Gulf War Airsofter

    I wish it was that easy to take down balloons

  80. GhOsTxReCoN

    Did you just smile? I don't do that.*Next Clip**SMILING*

  81. Omar انجولا

    نريد أن تكون مدبلجه

  82. Yiğit Bulut

    Superceĺ abi se türk müsün

  83. greencross gaming


  84. jaden

    Those Rocky references were perfect💪🏻

  85. Michael Minecraft

    The goblin in the prison is the goblin cage

  86. Sin Deinemeid

    What does rama mean?

  87. shourya jadala

    i love this

  88. Andreea Hanga

    why are the subtitles in Romanian so bad? You better not do them and you're ready! Please solve this problem!

  89. Kaleem Heh

    I look watch great bro im funny:😆

  90. _triggerhappy_

    "woah down goes cannon"

  91. Asian_boy_Ethan

    76,000,000 views good job super cell

  92. الثاني


  93. Gabi Melendez

    9:46 flame them 🤣 he is a wizard he can throw fireballs

  94. Phúc Cứt

    wait 2:55 the archer tower lvl 7 got 2 archers?????

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